March 29, 2009


The following sentence is automatically heard every time a semrevista; magless; sans magazine friend of mine picks up one of those huge magazines – the ones from Italy and USA, especially Vogue and Elle, are good examples:
“But more than half of this magazine is advertisements!”
True. But these ads – the majority of them, at least – are useful because they show the essence of a stylist, a collection, or a shop. Of course it applies for fashion, decoration, art, architecture magazines and the alike. In a news magazine… well, they can serve to show who pays for the things that you are reading and, at a deeper analysis, the institutions that routes the editorial line of the mag. But, well, since the ads are there, I take benefit of them.

Here, in this Ralph Lauren perfume ad, the bangles attracted my attention. I have many of them at home, but never mixed them like this (as far as I remember, I only use to do it in my teenage years, but at that time they were a statement, and had nothing to do with the whole outfit. Anyway, as I found it really nice on the ad, I started to use mine like this as well.

Thanks to the ad!
Thanks to my mag!

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