April 10, 2009

From the future - ELLE UK

It's not the first time that it happens. Elle UK has the power of coming from the future! Today, April 10th. I have in my hands the issue from May, 2009. Here, in Brazil, where these mags from Europe usually take at least one month to arrive - now we have available issues from January, February - British Elle arrives one month in advance.

And, I wonder... if the issue from next month is already released, when was it made? In February? I don't know about these deadlines, but do I read things that are written three, four months earlier? Is this the reason why SO MANY times the things that are on the magazine are not found on the shops?

As if it wasn't sad enough, I paid the absurd amount of R$57,95 just to prove this aberration.
And now I'm also scared! I just noticed that the stamp with the price is also from the future (maybe I should have asked to pay it only in May, who knows...)

Poor Me, MyMags and I.

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