May 21, 2009

Sponsorship and Involuntary Contributions

At the same happy week they knocked at my door:

- L'Officiel, a six month subscription that I won in a contest made by Shopping Leblon, in Rio de Janeiro.

- Revista Rossi, that I'm regularly receiving because I was buying a flat from this realty company (more of it latter).

- Shopping Leblon magazine (yes, the same Shopping Leblon from the contest above that, for these obvious reasons, is becoming my favourite shopping mall).

- Revista Caras, a weekly brazilian magazine that has many siblings around the globe, focused on the "celebrities" - not the kind of mag that I love, but at least they choose the right issue to send me, since it's Gisele on its cover (they want me to subscribe it, so they'll send some issues and then give up - and I like it anyways because, well, it's a magazine!).


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