September 17, 2009

My September Issue - Favourite so far: Brazilian ELLE


I enjoyed the whole edition, mostly the special about Minas Gerais (huge Brazilian state).

The places in Minas Gerais where I would love to celebrate my month.

  • It's easy to know when I liked the mag. 
    • Article about frizzy hair (my hair) ,
    BEAUTIFUL photoshoots:

    And the crème de la crème:  
    in this magazine I found the gift that I wanted to give myself.

    This bracelet, from designer Francesca Romana Diana, is called GOOD NEWS. I called the shop right after seeing it on the mag, and yesterday it was on my arm. Thanks to my mag for the suggestion!

    I bought a couple of other bracelets because they are really nice 
    and THIS IS MY MONTH after all !


    Publisher: Abril

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