September 14, 2009

Once-in-a-lifetime mags - CLAM

French, but global.
Texts in English.

A Mag of the Top!

Kind of thematic mag, published four times a year.
The concept, from their website (that is worth of visit):
- Concept:
CLAM is a unisex magazine whose goal is to promote creativity, concepts and ideas in fashion, architecture, music, design, the arts, free-time, travels and African design.... these different themes are approached in two main areas :Lifestyle and Trends.. Each subject is part of an original and conceptual artistic direction. The concepts are presented through the expression of the artists and creators coming from very different horizons.The place accorded to the image is central: she wants to be unusual, so as to create constant surprise for the viewer.Experimentation is one of the characteristics of CLAM which explains its layout: always changing, never fixed. Clam wants to encourage creative reflexion.The presentation is based on ideas and not the seasons. This concept confers to the magazine a collector's status.

I AGREE! But I haven't found it again.

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