September 7, 2009

The September Issues

September issues are special for me because September is the month of my birth - it's my month. If I were a magazine, I would be a September issue! The June, the February, or any other ones would be that special if I was born in any of these months.

But, fortunately, I'm a September daughter, the prettiest month, the Summer/Autumn month up there, the Winter/Spring month down here, the New Year's month for many people, the month of Brazil's Independence, and the super huge fashion magazines month!

So, the fact of September issues being the most beloved for me has nothing to do with Vogue America (better saying: Vogue USA, because America is a whole continent, not a single country) or its editor - I can't help it if they consider it so important as well.

PS. Of course I have that September issue, and of course I'm crazy to see that documentary.

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