October 16, 2009


THE usual problem.

During my visit to Oslo, with all the Narvesen temptations, I did what my heart asked me to. But my heart, when it comes to MyMags, is over demanding.

Well, already frustrated after being in paradise* (Narvesen) and having to decide - forced by the Pound and Prejudice of the airlines companies archaic society -  between the mags that I wanted the most and the mags that I couldn't live without, I had to face THE problem again.

* Besides Narvesen stores, there was plenty of Pleasure FOR FREE all around the city, starting at the airport, to sum up with the paid mags.

Knowing the iminent catastrophe - either paying the absurd extra luggage fee (I'm talking about Ryan Air, kids! ) or throwing away Norwegian mags that only God knows when I'd be able to have again - I decided, on my last night in the city, to take a last look at one of my city guides (in fact, country guide, because it featured Norway, not only Oslo, meaning that it was huge, and it would be one of my loves that I would have to leave behind). On those sections about services, always at the end of the guides (that I hardly check) I saw the note about the postal services. With my utmost sincerity I have to say that I just find this note because I was checking the "souvenirs from Norway" and since one of the things that worthy buying there is crystal handicraft (or something very close to it, for the magless people) that is delicate and not practical to be taken on the bag, there was the salvation note about the post services.

I would NEVER consider using it, because postal services are expensive in my city and in my currency, and I WAS IN OSLO! But desperation is close to salvation (sometimes) and since I had everything to loose, I went to the post office in the morning after - the day of my departure.

First, I could spent hours talking about the post office itself - POSTEN, a place that I entered, left, and then entered again, because at first sight I thought I had made a mistake and entered in a papershop boutique.

But I need to SUMMARISE THE SAGA: paying 400Kr (around 40 Euros) I could send up to ten kilos to Brazil. Just as a comparison, I paid $175 for the issue of Love magazine there (the only place that I found it!) and the average price of a standard Norwegian magazine is 60Kr. I could send back to Brazil my two travel guides and more than twenty magazines. SAFELY.
I left Norway full of mags, but with the lightest luggage ever in my life.
And ten days later the parcel arrived home. Intact.
Paying the double would still be worthwhile considering the benefits to Me, MyMags and I.

The Scandinavian quality package.


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