November 1, 2009

The coming back - OUSE

There's news in store for me.
And a new mag that is also an Once upon a time mag.

Above, on the right, the number one issue of Ouse magazine first publication, in June 2004.
On the left, the first issue of the new OUSE,
published in October 2009.

Editorials from 2009. A probable competitor to
Brazilians Gloss and Criativa.

In its first year, diferently from the 2009's, it was a magazine for women more close to their thirties than on the beginning of their twenties.

And the Ouse (Portuguese for "dare", a bold girl) from 2004 seemed like a younger daughter of  Nova (the Brazilian Cosmopolitan).

TOTAL COSMOPOLITAN ! (editorials from 2004 issues)

Between 2004 and 2006 (I don't know exactly when, because I stopped buying it)
Ouse got capital letters and an exclamation point ! 
And from this point, it became lighter, and more likely the mag that returned to the stands last month.
For younger girls, that are mostly concerned about relationships, but are also interested in non-sexual issues.

Editorials from 2006 issues. Lighter.

Publisher: Simbolo

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