November 2, 2009

Me, MyMags and I - and HIM!

Being a Beatle is irrelevant.
He's Stella's father!

Sir Paul McCartney on the Spanish

GENTLEMAN magazine.

I was a teenager on the 80's. My sex symbol was Charlie, from Menudo (tks God I grew old). BUT, if I were a 60's girl, this would be my man. I mean, I would have married him.

And also Steve McQueen... really an aristocratic magazine
this Gentleman is.
Oh Lord! You know how many times I watched The Great Escape - him bored,  playing with that tennis ball was the coolest thing in the universe!

According to the publisher's website, the target public of this mag is:
Hombre cosmopolita de hábitat urbano, entre 35 y 55 años, clase social alta, elevado nivel de formación.
Coincidently, the same target as mine.

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