April 18, 2010

Me, MyMags and I and the last issues of VOGUE USA

PROS: The women I like, the lower price, and gifts to make me buy it (as if it was necessary..).

CONS: The THIN shape issue.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of the (from the future) May issue.

Gisele, the Über mother, on the cover of April,
THE SHAPE ISSUE (or, the "pretend to be" every figure issue)

the woman above has a thin curvy body.

And the thin tall, the thin pregnant, the thin short, and the thin thin.

WHATEVER WORKS, provided that you're THIN.

She is awesome. But not an example of body figure - just remembering that she's what she is because of this figure.

The thin short made shorter in the photo shoot.

This model is curvy, but there's no fashion editorial with her. And her position in this picture is for what? To disguise her "fat" body?

And with the January issue, a bag as a gift!
An iniative of the Brazilian importer.

In fact, the price of USA VOGUE is getting lower - consequence of the drop of the price of US Dollar?

The last issue cost me less than 20 Reais, a price never paid before for it!

Publisher: Condé Nast

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