July 27, 2010

Spain likes to give

Because of my adorable bag, I remembered another gift that came with Cosmo España. This gentleness of the Spanish magazineland is considerable of a study. Cosmopolitan sells fine - the huge worldly presence and so - but the souvenirs are not a particularity of this mag, but of all the Spanish breed.

Of course that magazines from all over the world do this kind of marketing action, but it's undoubtely stronger in Spain. And it's not due to the 2008 crisis - it may has reinforced it, I can't say - but when I visited Barcelona in 2006 I realized that the normal was to find something (a bag, a belt, a clutch, a bijoux, a perfume sample, make up samples, etc) with every mag. It was difficult not seeing some mag with a gift - even if it was another mag, like package promotions. And not only on the "female" section, but this practice was spread to other segments of readers (as far as I remember).

I like the Spanish mags to the most, not because of the souvenirs, of course, but them help (sometimes, a lot). Long live to them, so!

Sunglasses sponsored by Spanish Cosmopolitan.

With a bit adjustment they will do fine..

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