January 26, 2012

GLAMOUR in Brazil !

I love Glamour.

And the good news is that
Brazil will have its own GLAMOUR !


Glamour USA and Glamour Spain.

Glamour Spain, Glamour Germany and Glamour UK.

Brazilian Glamour will be launched in April by Globo Condé Nast.

Russian Glamour                         
I like it so much that I "double-buy" it.

Swedish Glamour
Like it so much that I buy the ones that I cannot read.

I wonder which other Conde Nast title will be brought to Brazil.
Maybe Allure? Vanity Fair? Details? Lucky?
It seems that we have space for more. But I still don't know who reads all these magazines (besides this human being here).

Glamour Germany.
Glamour Latin America                   

Glamour USA                            

Glamour France

By far, my favourite is the Spanish version.

And for the first Brazilian issue, I believe we can expect this cover girl above.


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