July 13, 2009

And still with Saraiva, a case of Thanks to my mag! - I got my bag

I bought a Norway travel guide (Norwegian magazines!!!) from this Dorling Kindersley company at Saraiva bookshop, so I should win a shopping bag because of this smart acquisition. But for some incomprehensible reason the cashier didn't give the deserved bag to me (sincerely, I cannot say that it's his fault, because the volume of magazines that he registered with the travel guide could be really disturbing for someone that is semrevista;magless;sansmagazine).

Leaving the store, I got their magazine, Almanaque Saraiva and, miraculously, I took an instantly look at it - seeing the promotion, I came back to my inattentive cashier and I received my (not only deserved, but at that time desired) brand new bag.

My mags are always there for me!

Thanks to my mag!

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